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John D

Crazy Band Director & Crazy Swim Coach

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I had to put up a short anecdote from my youth scouting days. My troop was planning a trip to hike the Mischa Mokwa trail. This was planned practically a year in advance. This is a trail that twice beaten us in the first 6 miles. The initial ascent is brutal and not every one was in peak shape on one trip and a awful storm blew in on the second attempt. I was on the Cross country team. The only overnight meet of the year was on the same weekend as our hike. I told the coach I wouldn't be able to make it and why. He said if I wasn't on the bus that Saturday I could turn in my team uniform.


We beat Mischa Mokwa that year.....and I turned in my team uniform on the following Monday. Like some else said, it all comes down to what the boys enjoy more. Some will always choose Band or sports, but some will always choose scouting over those other activites.


Shane(This message has been edited by Sylvar)

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