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Back to Gilwell, happy land ...

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5 hours ago, fred8033 said:

Thank you and I wish everyone the best.   I've been involved with scouting for 23+ years and I'm transitioning out for new adventures.  Scouting will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.  My wife says I can't walk into a store without buying scout popcorn, cookies or wreaths.  Under the auspices of scouting, I've camped 300+ nights; often on scout properties.  Sometimes in national, state or county parks.  Sometimes on military bases.  Sometimes in thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes and more than one blizzard. 

I've loved sharing these adventures with my sons and the other scouts.  I've loved being a quiet helper in the background.  

On a hopeful note, I see a good change coming.  My scouting years were always overshadowed by controversy.  BSA v Dale.  Groups misrepresenting BSA to affect political and societal change.  Then, the abuse lawsuits and bankruptcies.  Though issues still exist, I feel like a big cloud is shifting away from BSA.  Perhaps, BSA can get back to teaching youth values thru outdoor adventures and group membership.  Perhaps, the next 20+ years can be about getting scouts outside running, hiking and exploring.  

I wish everyone the best.  I may post now and then.  I may read now and then.  Mostly though ... Back to Gilwell, happy land.  I'll work my ticket if I can. 

Vaya con Dios, Fred. You've always been a kind and thoughtful presence. 

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Friend Fred:  You think you'll get out of Scouting that easily, huh?  Hey, maybe out of Scouting, but you'll find the Scouting won't get out of you so easily.... 

Bleed khaki?   Scout cookies are a true addiction. As is Cub (overpriced) popcorn and Scout car washes and Scout BBQs when you drive past,,, and,,,,  

Those hiking boots will still be pretty comfortable.....

See you on the trail.  Even in "real life" :  KiS MiF..... 


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