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National Medal for Outdoor Achievement being discontinued?

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Related story:

Fourteen year old scout Lily Johnson earned the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement completing 127 nights of camping, over 500 miles of hiking, 85 hours of conservation work, a wilderness first aid course, became a Leave No Trace level one instructor, earned four 50-miler awards and planned two outings for the scout troop – including one 50-mile backpacking trip.

“Once I get Eagle I want to just be a model for other scouts,” said Lily, who hopes to inspire other scouts to “do cool things.”

Lily isn’t going to let the outdoor adventures end when their scouting career is over. Lily plans  to complete America’s through-hiking Triple Crown, which includes completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide and the Appalachian Trail. The ambitious teenager hopes that throughout their life they can continue to see and protect the planet’s natural wonders and trails.

“These trails have given so much to me, I better give back to them,” Lily  said. 

Scout Salute.

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Although nothing has been announced, I believe they are going to axe this one.  There are so few Scouts who earn it, so National may be taking the stance that the demand has not justified the expensiv

According to National Scout Store, they are issuing new medals. So maybe my dream is coming true and they are replacing the old janky medal with something more impressive.

This badge is the closest to a Scoutcraft badge of anything else out there, even Eagle. 

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