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Camping Calamities in Canada? Call Scouts Canada

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In honour of the upcoming epic Canadian camping season, Scouts Canada (the country’s leading co-ed youth organization), is ‘going to the phones’ to help outdoor-challenged Canadians navigate common camping calamities. Starting May 1st, expert advice on the ten top camping conundrums will be available for free, 24/7, when calling Scouts Canada’s ‘Camptastic’ Helpline at 1-844-SCOUT101

“As nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Scouters live for camping, but we recognize that many Canadians may hesitate to benefit from the camping experience due to rusty skills or a lack of confidence,” said Mike Eybel, a volunteer Scouter of nine years with Scouts Canada. “A 24/7 helpline was the quickest, most practical and easiest way for us to support Canadians this camping season, wherever they’re at and whenever they need.”

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I like their initiative.

Since newbies in the woods have been known to underestimate their situation, it will be interesting to see how this helpline further develops. Will there be functionality to directly connect to emergency services?

Imagine if RoadRunner Patrol got a text, Family 2.3 miles NW of you needs water, Can you help?

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