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Cost per Scout for SE Salary and Benefits

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5 hours ago, BetterWithCheddar said:

Honestly, $140,000 for a Scout Exec doesn't seem THAT bad by comparison

It does seem that bad, but the $16 per Scout seems bad. I guess it depends if your council has a council fee or not. 

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I think it is a good idea to have property used as an additional revenue stream. However, I question (ever so slightly) the use of council staff to provide programming even for a fee as this takes the

To quote Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles....We've gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!.  Or in the BSA's case .... We've gotta raise money for our phony baloney jobs!

If Council camp properties are going to survive, then there has to be a place for innovative programming like this. The council camps near us that focus on traditional summer scouts only programming a

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