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Experienced adult leader not sure how to volunteer with new council

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Start attending roundtable.  Meet the district committee.  In my experience - they will definitely have a way to use your energy.  It could be commissioner life.  It could be helping to plan a district event. 

I kind of "get" that local units are going to be a harder sell for a "stranger" off the street without a Scout of their own as at least an initial foot in the door.  But show up to district roundtable a couple times and you'll find yourself well employed soon.

You can bring value over a wider area in that kind of role (many units benefit from your energy vs. one) and you'll still have plenty of opportunities to get outdoors.

Another path could be OA if you're a member from your youth, a lot of lodges are thirsty for more adult participation and support.  It's another multi unit support option.

Thanks for your passion!

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