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Opposition to the Quivira Council $120 Program Fee

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Crossroads of America council (central Indiana) is going through this as well, except our anticipated fee is $240 annual (or $20/month). Leaders and Parents were both taken back when we heard of this earlier this spring, and the council wisely backed off until they could provide more information on what the need was.

We are getting some good info now... unfortunately a combination of multiple things in the past couple of years have put our council in a big deficit, including (but not limited to) to a large annual loss of grant money. I'm not sure what the right answer is to solve for it, but I fear that asking parents to come up with the money to cover the deficit could end scouting for our council in the near future. I feel like the only way to compete with sporting programs is to be partially funded by local/state tax dollars (like school funds cover things like sports facilities where these sports programs are run out of). 

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Saw this in our council too.  Every non-profit is fundraising so much and scouting is not the darling child anymore.  Maybe 20 years from now, scouting will find it's roots and do better again.  Until

These fees are out of control.  There's no transparency or justification.  They bring no value to units or Scouts/Scouters.  In an age where Scouts BSA is purportedly emphasizing DEI these fees 

Training... done by volunteers Programs (except Summer Camp)... planned and done by volunteers Supervise units??... Unit supervision is done by unit volunteers Support units??... done b

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