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With the ongoing challenge we are dealing with in regard to a youth with Autism and a meltdown I find this important.  It appears we have no committee on disabilities in our council, and the SE seems unwilling to consider it as a need, even though a number of adults have broahed it and are willing to work with it.  Mean, our young person is in limbo and no clear info is available.  We want to put him into a Lone Scout program which allows separation if his issues are flaring, but still lets him be involved.  Meanwhile, we seem to be wheel spinning.  Anyway, this is a good piece by Aaron.  https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2023/03/16/guiding-a-scout-with-neurodivergent-issues-through-their-eagle-scout-service-project/

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6 hours ago, skeptic said:

It appears we have no committee on disabilities in our council

This is too bad as this is a key resource in our district and council. That committee is key in approving individual advancement plans and merit badge subsitutes. 

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