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The Dreaded Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Project Plan Section

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It's a good tool to frame up your thoughts and prep for the conversation but if advising a Scout on this I'd hold firm that

  1. This section is specifically noted as not required.  Be prepared to talk about your experience.  I think the format of the section is great, worth using honestly.  But if you did not or decided not to, you cannot be required because...
  2. Noone can add new requirements for Rank, including requiring you to provide a specifically unrequired part of this document and...
  3. Though one reason for a board of review is to help ensure the Scout did what was supposed to have been done to meet the requirements, it shall become neither a retest or “examination,” nor a challenge of the Scout’s knowledge.  Therefore, being knowledgeable and conversant about what you did for the project and the planning ought to be sufficient.

In our council, the specificity with which they demand a candidate complete the application IMO borders on violating the "thou shalt not add requirements", for example in the merit badge section they will reject an application if the merit badges are not listed in the order earned by date.  As far as I can tell, this is not a requirement of the application or process and seems to be something done to make the review faster.  It's also to the point that non-electronic versions of the application (handwritten) are no longer practical - yet the GTA specifically says that's okay.

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