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Family Life MBC - abstinence

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I'm leading Family Life as part of our Troop's MB Jamboree. I wasn't given a curriculum but have chunked the requirements out along 3 meetings and I think been successful in engaging the 8 boy Scouts in meeting 1 to get the discussions going. We all had a great time, lively talk. In that meeting most of it was "What is a family," talking about lighter stuff.

Since then, several have sent me filled in workbooks to indicate their progress, and I intend to use a few comments as jumping off points for the final meeting to discuss how the projects went, etc. 

Re: family meeting about sex, a boy wrote "Wait until marriage." and nothing else. Other boys' responses have had a little more detail to indicate that they have received some education on this and / or discussed it with their families. I'd like to use this to expand that this is one strategy, and prompt a discussion on how other families might approach this topic, uncomfortable as it is. Our chartering org is non-religious, and this boy is home schooled. Our local SD has a family life curriculum that I believe to be modern, appropriate and covering many more facts than just abstinence. This boy has not had that curriculum. I'd appreciate some guidance about what overstepping looks like and how you've seen this handled well or poorly. 



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I would be careful with the topics of requirement 6.  In particular, I would avoid those discussions with other scouts present.  Some families may not want their dirty laundry shared with the Troop.


Some of the issues surrounding requirement 6 for the family meeting could be considered of a personal nature. Use discretion when reviewing this requirement with the Scout.


family_life.pdf (scouting.org)



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I I only have them discuss their thoughts on 6(b) 1 and 2. 3-7 I leave them to discuss with their parents, and have the parent sign that they completed the discussions. I ask them after they've had their family meetings if they want to share any general observations about 6-7, but the others I avoid- especially on the family finances, not really my place to know all that is going on there.

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