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Death of a Scoutmaster

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Hello, I apologize if this is not in the right category. Yesterday my troops Scoutmaster passed, he was the second scoutmaster our troop has ever had. The last time our troop had to find a new scoutmaster (1987) it took them months. I am sorry if this is commonly known information but what happens now, who's job is it to find a new scoutmaster?

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My condolences to you , the Scoutmaster's family and your Scouts. 

Choosing a Scoutmaster involves sensitivity, cooperation and luck.    Who is moved to be the Scoutmaster is balanced with who CAN be the SM and who approves the naming/selection.   Being a Scoutmaster is, I feel,  as much a "calling"  as it is  a "trained" position. It would be nice if one of the Assistant SMs  is  "moved"  to take up the reins.  Then too, the Troop Committee and the Charter Org Rep  needs to sensitively consider who MIGHT be of the right temperment and experience (if any !) .  The COR approves all adult leaders in the unit.  It would be VERY good if the COR takes the Troop Committee's  considerations into his/her consideration.  

I have known wonderful, beloved SMs who started out as no more than a parent who was dedicated to Scouting because they saw what it meant to their child. 

I have known SMs who were so Scouty they bled khaki, so to speak, but were not really concerned with the Scout so much as with themselves, if you know what I mean. 

I have known SMs that could inspire Scouts to success in life merely by sitting next to the campfire , holding their pipe and nodding occasionally . And I have known SMs who were scared to death to let a 12 year old boy even hold a hatchet, much less use one.  Patrol Leader?  Scout led?   Mmmmmmaybe....

The Outdoorsman (or woman !) who loves kids and sees the future of society in the skills learned, the confidence gained, the cooperation ingrained  by the "Scout Method",  that's the person you should seek.  Ideally. But there is , I am sure, someone in your ken that , if they aren't already that person, can become that person.   Sit ye down and think over these things....   


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Agreed. One of your ASM’s should serve as acting SM while the CO (maybe with input from the committee decides who should permanently fill this position. How they make that decision is up to you all.

But be sure to call your DC or DE. I’m sure that folks in your district would want to be involved in paying respects and helping your troop.

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