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Questions about Wilderness First aid Classes

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I need help to Understand how councils are doing the 16 hour wfa BSA class in under 8 hours 

I have been teaching this class back from the days That it came out of NC Chapter of the ARC

I currently teach across several agencies and I am wonder with out requiring a 8 hour online part first how groups are going it in only 8 hours

ECSi lists an 8 hour basic course but it does not need the BSA 16 course requirements or has this just move like a lot of thing lets just check the box off and hope nothing happens

PS they offer cpr in 45 minutes that what their program lists


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The two I have taken were structured as follows

4 hours during a weeknight

8 - 9 hours of on-site on a Saturday

3 -4 hours participant study and review of materials before the weeknight and on-site

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There is an 8-hour ECSI WFA refresher course.  It does not count for BSA WFA.

BSA has issued a WFA curriculum:


And ESCI and BSA have an agreement that the BSA course is 16 hours....



There are two options for completing the 16-hour requirement: all classroom, or blended 8-hour online and 8-hour classroom. 

I have taught both courses.  I prefer the full 16-hour in-person course.  In fact, I do not offer the blended course any more.  I'll explain why if you'd like to know...

If someone is teaching an 8-hour course only, and marking it as sufficient for BSA, then I believe they are wrong.  Of course, who is watching or checking at the council level??


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