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National Annual Meeting May 30-June 1, 2023

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Spring 2023 in undisclosed large southern city.


The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) WILL have its National Annual Meetings, or NAM, in the spring of 2023, face-to-face!! They are making arrangements in a large Southern city (no, not Nashville but much larger!) for May. So mark your calendars and wait for the *official word* to come from the BSA closer to the start of October (or just ask your Council's Scout Executive -- he or she got the word yesterday, I was told, but was asked to hold out announcing the actual dates and where until all of the prelim physical arrangements are completed!)
It will be SO GREAT to "get the entire band back together again!" - and this means YOU!!
The National Annual Meetings (there are more than one which occur during the week) are open to ANY registered volunteer or professional and feature meetings on best practices, training and coaching, program status, award presentations and ceremonies, and (my best part) informal interactions with other volunteers and professionals from around the nation (and world!) The presentations of the BSA's national volunteer service awards in several categories are a highlight as well as the annual business and program meetings.
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Update  April 17, 2023:

Scouting Forward: 2023 National Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, May 30 – June 1, 2023, The conference registration fee for the 2023 National Annual Meeting is $740. The cutoff date to register for the National Annual Meeting is Friday, April 28th.

Registration Details:


Registration Guide:


I found no information regarding the live broadcast or recording of sessions. There appears to be about 40 elective sessions. These sessions caught my eye.

BSA Recapitalization / Collaboration Between Councils & National
Moving FORWARD Together. Learn more about Project Phoenix, the recapitalization of
BSA, and how collaboration between Councils and the National Office of Development is
vital to our success.

Building and Delivering Exceptional Outdoor Programs and Activities
What does the customer want and how can we ensure we meet and exceed their
expectations. Current tools and resources will be shared to help you achieve this
important goal.

The Future of Cub Scouting
Discover what the National Cub Scouting Committee has been working on to update the
Cub Scout program. Fun, Simple, and Easy are the guiding forces along with data-
informed decisions to these significant updates to Cub Scouting.

Non-BSA Use of BSA Properties
From A to Z - Insurance, Liability, NCAP Applicability, Policies and Procedures. Current
resources and proven practices will be shared.

Understanding Council Financial Statements
Presented by members of the Local Council Finance & Fund Development Committee and
other subject matter experts, this session will provide insight on how your local council
financial statements are built. We will review key financial ratios and help you determine
questions you can ask when reviewing your statements  (Imagine if attendees brought their respective Council's financial statements.:laugh:)

NCAP Myths Debunked
Let's debunk the folklore together when it comes to the myths of short-term camp and
camp standard interpretations. We will also highlight resources every council Key 3 and
board should be familiar with.

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Sounds like those changes we discussed to Cub Scouts will come out during the National meeting. 

Also, how to bring in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Very disappointed to see no discussion of any discussion of changes to Scouts BSA (required merit badges that look like High School 2.0 and cooking requirements that make you lose all love of cooking). 

Venturing seems like a hail Mary as well. 


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Did our new Youth Protection Executive Glen Pounder speak at NAM? I have not heard him speak yet about new YP measures and organization in the BSA going forward?

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A personal issue, but knee-jerk judgment is a sure indicator of likely automatic bias.  JMHO of course.  Do not see how the term Americanism, or the likely definition, is in itself a bad thing.  Now, a fly on the wall might judge otherwise.  


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@skeptic , you're right that a one word title can't possibly convey what the session is about, but that's the fault of the one that chose it. Vague titles indicate vague talks.

I can honestly say that the only thing I'd be interested in would be topics that will help units improve their programs. Everything else, given what the BSA has been through recently, is pointless. If there's one thing that the leadership could do it's focusing on what's important.

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My reaction was in part due to that the word hit an uncanny valley for me. I have no idea what the word means exactly, but there are so many possibilities that lack genuineness that I can't help but then wonder how on Earth any large session called that is going to help scouters execute the program like @MattR was saying. I hope I was wrong, but it sounded like no matter what it was, it was a wasted opportunity to get practical in favor of some kind of rah-rah our country is the best cheer fest. There's a time and place for that too, but I don't think it's an organizational conference. JMHO. Too close to... some historical bad stuff. And common practice in some countries where human rights violations are routine.

I kind of recoil as soon as I'm expected to make a public big show of how patriotic I am. Doesn't matter for what country, bad vibes. That just makes me want to be patriotic in my closet so nobody can use my feelings for their political campaigns.



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