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Wood Badge opportunity fell in my lap two nights ago

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When I realized that my second council's Wood Badge course this year was taking places on weekends I wasn't scheduled to go home, I contacted the course director to find out if there were open slots.  He said he had a wait list 13 deep and had gone through 8 or so.  The chances were highly unlikely.  Well, around 10:30 on Wednesday, I got an email offering me a slot.  Got a green light from my wife and my boss for the Friday, so I'm off to Gilwell - well, sort of.  I suspect I will have some personal issues with referring to anyplace outside of the lovely hilly green area with "Hitler's only gift to Scouting" in the Epping Forest that still holds my Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger knife as "Gilwell", but I'll manage.  

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22 hours ago, mrjohns2 said:

What is the backstory with Hitler?


In WWII, a German bomber dropped 2 bombs on Gilwell Park.  Over the years, the craters filled with water, eroded, probably got dug out a bit, etc.  They are used for canoeing now.  

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