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Hello to my fellow Scouters!

I'm exciterd to be here. Six months ago my step-son (11) expressed interest in BSA. I was thrilled! To my surprise, he ended up sticking with his committment and back in February he bridged over from Webelos to BSA. So far, he absolutely loves the Troop and has hopefully found an activity that he can make his own, away from his older, more social siblings. 

It'd been 15 years since I'd been to a Troop meeting, campout, camp session, etc. I never thought I'd sing a camp song again! In my youth and yound adult years, I was very active in Scouting. I was involved in the OA Lodge, Council JLT, NYLT, Brownsea 22...you name it and I was involved in it. As I grew into life, moved, got married, however, my time slowly eronded away as my wife and I started our lives. Sadly, that life didn't include as much Scouting as I'd of liked. 

I'm super happy to be back involved at the Troop level with my Stepson and am looking forward to persuising the Boards to find program-related  ideas we can use in our Troop meetings, recruiiting ideas to help grow our Troop, and resources re: patrol method. 

Thank you all for participating and creating / leaving content here. What a resource this site has turned into over the past 25+ years! 

Yours In Scouting,



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Welcome!  Boy... this story sounds familiar to me :) It is basically the path I also took.  Hyper involved as a youth, fell off after college and married life, son came home in 1st grade asking if he could join Cub Scouts:  Heck yeah you can.  Back in the fray! 

Probably the best thing I can share is be humble.  I was amazed at how much I had forgotten.  Let the boys in the troop teach you, you'll both benefit from it.  If you're ever unsure how something is "supposed" to be done, do what the boys should do:  Ask your SPL :)

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