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NCAP 2021 Camp Health coverage requirements.

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Our camp is 8 minutes from a volunteer fire department , 911 call is an 8 minute response time with BLS/First Responder. A 911 call also activates real time State EMS call center access to para medic ambulance- 20 minutes, Med Flight, and Adult and Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Centers.

I contend that this is adequate coverage for low risk- ie 2 nights in a State Park- events, ie Wood Badge Course.  (Our Council has a dorm type training facility at camp, so WB is a single night under canvas Weekend 2). With CoVid continuing,  volunteer availability is tight. And it is tough to ask volunteers to sit around activity where risks are vanishingly small. Risk management is a great tool. But...

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Wood Badge qualifies as a short term camp as per SA-001.

As per SQ-405 (camp health officer), if EMS is 10 minutes away or less, the only requirement is that the health officer have CPR/AED training and the person be 18 or older. And for short term camps, the health officer needs to be on site only when participants are on site. The camp health officer can also hold other rolls in the program. Tag someone on staff who has first aid/CPR training current, designate them the health officer, and be done with it.

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