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Appealing a BSA "you're kicked out" decision...

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One of our adult leaders was by told by Council via letter in February to step away from scouting activities pending an investigation of "bullying" and "behavior not in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law." (Yes, vague) Four months later, this leader received a second letter stating, basically, 'no longer welcome in BSA." Never received details of complaints. Council never interviewed anyone in our unit or on our committee, except for the two toxic families I have written about elsewhere who likely filed complaints. 

This leader is appealing the decision, which brings me here to ask advice from the Scouter Forum hivemind...suggestions, feedback, if you have every been in this situation, what worked/didn't work for you, etc. 

This leader did receive over 30 letters of support from Scouts, parents, community members, leaders, which will be included in the appeal paperwork. 

I would appreciate your wisdom to pass along...



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In my experience and research, only 1 person ever got their membership back. I read about a guy who stopped at a bar in uniform who got kicked out. Reason he stopped at the bar in uniform was that the troop's bus broke down in the middle of nowhere, and the SM walked over a mile or two to make phone calls to  a tow company and the parents, It took over a year for him to be reinstated.

Sadly everyone else I know or read about that has been placed in the IVF (because that is where the Scouter is being placed) has not won appeals. This includes the individual who was accused of a YPT violation, and was cleared by local law enforcement after a criminal investigation cleared her.

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