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Why were Venture patrols done away with?

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2 hours ago, Calion said:

Forgive me, but I don’t see how. In each situation, a Scout is in a situation where he has no idea what to do. Do you let them fail, having no idea how to succeed, or do you step in and help? Or do you step in and do it for them?

Do you see a fourth option?

Wait, you’re kidding, right? You’re talking about everything being Scout-led, with little to no adult interference, only post-hoc guidance, and you’d be surprised that the Scout leadership had not ensured that every new Scout had been properly instructed into how to put up his tent?

But not if that Scout is in a leadership position, right? Or, in that situation, would you simply take over?

At this point I am mot sure you read my entire post. I will allow you time to re-read it and reflect. Please remember that all my comments are meant in the spirit of helpfulness for you, and moreso for the scouts. 

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