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What was the coolest or most meaningful Eagle COH??

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A dad in our troop works for a major news network. Three years ago he was on a film crew for a retiring news anchor that had a interview with the President. He told that they had planed what to do if they had extra time left, which is not much considering that its the President. Well he was able to get GW to give a personal congratulations to his son on becoming an Eagle Scout. The dad had the tape if the can for three years just hoping that his son would fulfill the goal and he could use the tape in the video tribute to the new Eagle Scouts that our troop does for each one.

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Mine, only to be surpassed by my son's in a few years.


Sorry, couldn't resist.


I haven't been to one in nearly 30 years, I hope I'll be able to add to the list here now that I'm back in Scouting.(This message has been edited by Eagle1973)

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