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Orange County Council High Adventure Team website

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I wanted to highlight that the Orange County Council High Adventure team have recently revamped their website and it is PHENOMENAL!


Check it out at https://www.occhat.org/


They have details on their various trainings, a whole interactive searchable section of all the various High Adventure awards from Southern California and the Southwest, trek suggestions etc.


I think this site really sets the bar for other councils who mostly, at best, have links to the 4 National High Adventure Bases on their website and nothing else.


I really hope this invigorates some interest in High Adventure programs in their council.


Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 10.39.15 AM.png

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For those unaware, various councils around the Southwest (Southern California, Nevada, Arizona) in what I think used to be Area 4, have a set of local High Adventure Awards.


I had previously mentioned these in 



These awards are given for participating in various local High Adventure trips, climbing local mountains and so on. Many of them include additional requirements for trail maintenance or conservation. I don't think other councils have similar programs.

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That's great. That should help a bunch of troops. Most of my scouts found HA trips the highlight of scouts and the more the variety the better.

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