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Whenever 2 or more troops meet

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A few questions. 1. What happens with the Webelos Den that wants to complete Scouting Adventure, but doesn't have a troop at the same CO? 2. What about the new troop that is having challenge

Why? Here's my guess. No training, other than YP, is required to take scouts camping. Even if, say, IOLS were required, it's close to worthless. I say that because I taught some sections once and

If the council is threatened by the cooperative efforts of the individual units, then they do not understand the program.  For the first fity to sixty years, at least, that was what made the program. 

23 hours ago, SSScout said:

I often comment to folks that will listen that it is a wonder any of our generation ever grew to adult hood.

Climbing trees? Building lash together (Pioneering !) towers more than 6 feet tall?  Hiking by ourselves?  Taking cars apart WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION?  Oh, the humanity....

One winter (!), I think it was in January, we went camping , in the snow, on a local farmer's land. Our Troop was wonderfully divided into four Patrols, on this event, each Patrol was represented, as I remember, by  maybe only three or four boys from each Patrol. Nothing unusual about that, eh?  Here's the thing.... A GIRL SCOUT TROOP camped with us.... in the snow,  20 some degrees all weekend,,,, And we learned from them...  They brought half gallon milk cartons of premade, frozen chili for dinner. Strip off the carton, into the pot, boil it up.  They learned from us.  Fire wood cutting and fire building.... We each learned/earned the respect of the other, as most of us went to the same schools. "You're a Scout?  Wow..."

Would that have been a "Council"  event?  

and whiskey box ovens, buddy burner stoves, sit-upons... We stole shamelessly from the Girl Scouts!  

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20 hours ago, Oldscout448 said:

and whiskey box ovens, buddy burner stoves, sit-upons... We stole shamelessly from the Girl Scouts!  

Those were all in the CUB SCOUT LEADERS' HOW TO BOOK at one time.

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