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Quick update  our temps have unexpectedly held around 32 degrees which has kept the worst of the storm at bay in many areas. Power outages are MUCH less than had been previously feared.  Worst is yet to come as temperatures will drop as night approaches .  Lots of accidents and slide offs but 95 percent of drivers are off the roads. More sleet than ice at the moment in the area which means powerlines and trees have been less impacted. 

Not good but could be much worse ... at the moment with several more hours of precipitation ahead of us.

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About 3 weeks ago our troop was heading out camping when a possible snow / ice event was coming to our area.  The unit was headed south several hours (long weekend) and no issues expected, the weather should have passed by the time we headed back.

Most of the leaders took some time for preparations for families left at home.  Stoves, generators, lights, etc. were checked out and prepared.  Ended up being a non-event but all of us understand the need to be prepared.

Also we had a great weekend

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