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Emergency Service Corp - WW2

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The 1941 Requirements for Emergency Service Corps Member:
1. First Class Scout
2. 15 years old
3. Pass these qualification tests each year:
    a) Run 1 mile in 8.5 minutes
    b) Climb an 18 foot rope, hand over hand, in 15 seconds
    c) Tie following knots with a 1/2 in rope or larger: Square, Bowline, Ant line hitch, Blackwall hitch, Two half hitches, Cat's paw, Clove hitch, Bowline on a Bight, Sheet bend
4. Hold following merit badges: First Aid, Safety, Pioneering, Personal Health, Firemanship, Public Health and where required Lifesaving and Rowing



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1 minute ago, MattR said:

Still, what impressed me the most was a 15 yo, first class scout that was regarded very highly-rated.

Remember different advancement standards back then. "Master the skill" was the standard up to circa 1989 or 1999. Then it became "The badge represents what the Scout CAN DO, not what he has done (emphasis in original).  Now it's one and done.

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