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52 minutes ago, skeptic said:

Yep, every year we see sticker shock discussed and screamed about relating to the cost of summer camp.  Compare it to most other group type camps and it is a bargain.  If you took the family to an amusement park for one day you would pay close to half that amount.  experience.


Scout camp isn't cheaper when you have to take time off to volunteer to help staff the camp. I'm self employed, so that's a big expense right there. The group camps around here are more, but they offer a whole lot more. The draw for scout camp isn't that it's cheaper, it's that you get to spend a week with friends. 

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8 hours ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

Go to camp locally with your kids as part of a Provisional Troop (is that the Maverick program you were talking about??), with you "volunteering" as the Provisional Troop Leadership.  

Every camp we have attended in recent years offers both a leader discount and gives 2 free leader slots based on the number of registered Scouts.  Most are for having at least 5 registered, with additional free slots available for larger units.  We take the total number of adults attending and subtract the free slots from the total adult fees, divide by the number of adults, and that is what we pay.  Some years we have reimbursed leaders for gas costs, other years we have chosen to drive without being reimbursed to keep the per Scout cost down.

As for attending as part of a provisional unit, every camp I have ever attended offers provisional units, which are staffed by paid camp staff, not volunteer parents.  So allow parents to attend (Woodruff Scout Reservation allows parents to attend with their provisional Scouts, at $155 per adult; our local camp discourages parents but will allow them based on medical conditions but houses them away from the provisional area).  You could register your son and daughter, along with your wife and yourself at your local camp as a unit of 2 & 2 and share a campsite with another unit.  (unless you can fill a campsite, or come close to filling it, you will usually share that campsite anyway)  

Here is hoping you are able to come up with a way to make this work for your Scouts.

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