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Historic Dress Uniform

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Hi all, and happy new year. recently I’ve been getting back into collecting of scouting memorabilia. My time out of the scouting profession has been a good refresh to look back on my experiences with fresh eyes. Especially as I introduce my son to scouting as his lion den leader. 

That said, I’ve come across this neat item that is being made as a reproduction of this timeless classic scouter dress uniform from 1966.  I’m looking into having one made through battle dress unlimited. 


Has anyone ordered one or seen any worn? I had a volunteer in my first council that wore one, it was neat. 

if you’re interested in this, contact Duane at Battledress@hotmail.com


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While I have not seen this particular reproduction, I do have at least one original uniform for each decade from 1940 to the present.

P.S. - I looked at the linked website, and according to the description they stopped taking orders last September.

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On 10/7/2022 at 9:53 PM, physics32 said:

During a discussion on unit hats a couple months ago, I showed the Centennial II uniform photos to our Scouts.  They decided that the garrison style cap would be their parade headgear (they lead 4 city parades each year).  We reached out to the Scouter who makes the Centennial II and ordered about 20 caps in various sizes.  This afternoon was their first parade in the new caps.


This is awesome! Well done!

Duane was great to work with! 

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