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New California law regarding volunteers and others working with youth.

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I've had to get printed for an adoption background check, another youth-serving organization, being a CASA guardian ad litem, and for my State of Texas counseling license. I think a thumb print was taken for my driver's license. This past December, my family and I went to Disney/Universal. Universal scanned a finger to expedite re-entry into the park. After all my previous scans, their technology said I had no fingers! I was allowed to use my driver's license!


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https://mandatedreporterca.com/training/volunteers    I thought I had posted something, but cannot find it.  We were notified in the last day or two by council of the new law, and I have alr

On the other hand, now that PA’s law is in place, I find working with it to be very convenient. It’s very handy to have a standard process for every youth organization I volunteer with.

The Fingerprinter's Union lobby is a powerful group.  They are always looking for new revenue streams.  Govco is paying off it's supporters 😁

Can someone perhaps clarify how this new California law affects Scouters that are registered in other states and visit Califonria?  Also, how will it apply to things like the Reserve charter entries, especially college? For that matter, outside of Scouting, how will it apply to youth groups from other states, or even out of the country?


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