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Do you know any realistic first aid tips?

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What you are seeking is called 'moulage', make-up that simulates injuries. there are a number of websites that can help you if you just enter that word in a search engine. Here is one the scouts will enjoy.




I am so glad you are looking into this, it is the BEST way to teach first aid and keep the fellows interested everytime.


Good Job!


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You might want to call your local fire dept. or EMS provider for more infomation on this. My troop and their friends help out with the mass trauma simulations . They all look forward for the next training drill. They have a great time and learn something new. RM

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two quick things...if you use chicken bones... fresh bones break differently from frozen bones and cooking doesn't help either...debone a few fresh legs and scrape clean, vise and hammer work well (not your hands)gives you more realistic breaks.

halloween make up is good for lightening skin for shock 'appearance' and blood....just if you use the squirters (pumping blood from arteries) be prepared for no so fun clean-up (I wasn't), old drop cloths painters use are good for this...

takes a huge amount of time but it is FUN.


oh one other thing...with a good "live" dummy you can use a modified whoopie cushion to simulate a sucking chest wound...its great but takes practice in advance...just be sure to work on the cushion enough so that its normal sound is gone...other wise its just very funny and you will never get the scouts or students 'back down' to business.

have fun!

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Our troop did this recently on a camp out. The boys set up a round robin type course with the adults and Venture Patrol set up as victims, one station for each patrol. We had leaders at each station to do sign off for rank advancements and also judges for patrol competition to see who responded better and treated the victims best. Having it outdoors made it eaiser for clean up and more realism a far as accidents in the outdoors.


I was the heart attack victim that day. After nine times of being draged out of my chair, sometimes being droped ,I was quite sore. Had a fun time working with the boys though.


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