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Family Unit = Coed Cub Scout Pack?

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4 minutes ago, mrjohns2 said:

Yeah, poor choice of terminology. “Family Pack” is a co-ed Pack. 

We might consider that to be a poor choice of words, but I’m certain the choice was made very deliberately. The marketing double-speak still considers “Family Scouting” to sell better than, co-Ed, mixed sex, Cub Scouts for girls, or any other such plain spoken title.

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For years I ran our councils Cub Family Camps and the female siblings loved it. Often the girls would congregate together and 5 or 6 of them go around to all the program areas. I loved chatting with them and asking if they were having a good time. I'd often ask if any were in Girl Scouts and often heard them say 'I'm a Brownie or a Daisy' usually followed by, 'but can we be Cub Scouts because it is so much fun'. Now, girls can enjoy all the fun of Cub Scouts and also be in Girl Scouts. Best of both worlds. The admission of girls was long overdue and I'm happy to see it. Now I just hope that we can rebuild our membership after years of decline by meeting a families needs for value based programs for the whole family. 

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