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Webelos / AOL Campout

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This weekend we are having a campout just for our Webelos / AOL Scouts.  

Our Unit has our own meeting place which makes life easier in many many ways.  We are holding the campout there.  

The Scouts, this weekend, will be practicing the Patrol Method.  They have planned their menus, generated a shopping list, and will be preparing and cooking all their meals.

There will be Scouts there from the Troop as well.

ALL Scouts will get an opportunity to raise and lower the Flag as part of a color guard.  They will work on fire building again.  They will work on knots again,  We are going to review all the requirements in Scouting Adventure.  Scouts are supposed to have an activity ready to lead on their own. 

  1. Show that you are an active leader by planning an activity for your den without your den leader’s help. Ask your den leader for approval first.


Im very excited.  :)

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Sounds like great fun. Well done.

And your own meeting place where you can camp! Nice combination. My first troop had their own land with a cabin. I never thought much of it as a scout but now that sounds wonderful.

Sounds like there's a reason you're growing. Thanks for the good news.

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Sounds awesome. I am not familiar with cubs and webelos requirements, so it is awesome to see that one. Sad that it doesn't continue as ever increasing requirements for upper ranks. One would think that a first class scout should have done this and more. I suppose it is implied as a result of serving as a PL or such, but sadly this is not necessarily true.

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