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Conversation regarding what constitutes advertising in posts

Message added by elitts,

Here is the comment that began this exchange.  Originally it contained an emphatic statement asking the reader to contact Timothy Kosnoff along with his contact information.  In order to make the post acceptable given the current rules on ads, the contact information and exhortation was deleted, leaving the bulk of the message intact.



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35 minutes ago, T2Eagle said:

Respectfully, we probably cannot.  Any hypotheticals we might provide would be on the outer edges of the spectrum, and wouldn't illuminate even for us where the lines are within the gray areas.  We ourselves don't have a stock of posts that we can look to for any precedential use.

Candidly, speaking for just myself, I am not that invested in trying to draw up an elaborate set of rules because I don't think that's necessary to fulfill the mission of the forum which is to be a venue for folks to have respectful, though vigorous at times, discussion about matters related to scouting. 

No one should take, and the moderators do not intend, for the deletion, editing, or moving of a post to be a commentary on the author of the post.  I cannot emphasize this enough, it is unwise for anyone to feel too protective of any one of their posts, because we cannot live up to that expectation.  We’re trying, as a group of volunteers who don’t even really know each other, to keep useful guardrails on a rare civil space on the internet.  We are imperfect at doing that, accept our imperfection as the cost of using the forum.

I honestly feel that moderators do try to do their best however in this situation if the offense was the PH# or email address then that could have been edited out and an explanation could have been made.  


4 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

I will past your disingenuous comments over to other moderators to review.

As you previously stated about yourself, you are "a claimant and a former practicing attorney", contrary to your claims of being a dunce.

This I feel was going a bit over the line.  Especially when the quoted post had nothing about being a "dunce" which anyone who has followed this forum for awhile knows that @ThenNowis far from (but uses phrasing like this when he wishes to make a point).  If we lose @ThenNowas we seem to have lost @CynicalScouterit will be a great loss to our community.

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Another poster made a comment about this ending with "And now we return to your regular programming."  I agree with his sentiment.

Benjamin Franklin is attributed as saying, "We must all hang together or most assuredly, we will all hang separately."  Long interpreted as "we all have to stand together."

From that I take, in these difficult circumstances, we all need to make a special effort to cooperate for the greater good.  There is a measure of patience (always underestimated in its significance by those who have the luxury of never having to demonstrate any), and humility (not easy either but I have several times upon the presentation of superior evidence by posters on this forum and learned thereby) to "stand together" for the greater good.

There is a saying in the law: "Disagree without being disagreeable."  (Well, perhaps, "Good Luck.").

I have not seen the actual post which included the allegedly offensive contact information, and exhortation to contact the attorney.  But, under the ancient concept of "demurrer," which means "we agree that all that is alleged is true, but that is insignificant."

So, from my memory, I recall several occasions of posts of Mr. Kosnoff regarding all manner of issues and comments.  Twitters (tweets?") and maybe other social media posts.  I do not recall any objections by Moderators with regard to any of them.

And, I think that there is a significant difference between a post which says:

"Hey, have you seen this Tweet:"

and one which says:

"Hey, look at this Tweet, he has his act together, call…"

It does not seem to me that @ThenNowwas endorsing Mr. Kosnoff.  But even if so, I stand with @ThenNow as myself being something of a dunce on the rules.

But I want to be PERFECT.Y CLEAR that @RememberSchiff has been a steady and sensible voice of moderation during my entire membership.  And he would not be a moderator if not so.  And I have absolute confidence in @RememberSchiff.

I am not sure where the fault, if any, or issue lays.

To move on, perhaps a modification of the rules on what can be quoted, and identifying the required redactions of phone numbers and email addresses.  


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I would note that I have been counseling distressed individuals and families for 45 years.

And giving folks a bit of leeway, consideration, and forgiveness can work wonders.

And that every injured soul appreciates a kind word.

And a kind word costs nothing.

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22 hours ago, DuctTape said:

A copy/paste of an advertisement or solicitation even with a preface of, "Have you seen this..."  or similar is generally lumped into the No Advertising category regardless of poster's intentions.

I'm confident this was not an attempt to advertise.  Having received the same notice from Kosnoff, it appeared to me that I was suddenly his client and had me concerned.  I appreciate the efforts to clarify it.

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