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NRA Muzzleloading Instructor classes at CRK

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We finally have the logistics fairly nailed down. On 11/19-21, the Yadkin Valley Rangers will be holding the last 2 classes for becoming an NRA Certified Muzzleloading Instructor.

Basic Instructor Training begins on Friday evening at 6p at the Training Center at Camp Raven Knob. Class will continue into Muzzleloading Instructor and finish on afternoon of 11/21. Cost for the class is $150 for both classes and includes materials, meals and lodging at the Training Center. Prior completion of Basic Muzzleloading is required. These two classes are aimed at helping the knowledgeable muzzleloading shooter become an effective muzzleloading instructor. The NRA Muzzleloading Instructor certification is a rare one and in any case, volunteers wanting to work in any youth shooting sports program will have to be an NRA Certified Instructor.

For more information- email YadkinValleyRangers@gmail.com

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