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Citizenship in Society - MBC Orientation

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Great - another sit in a class and try to stay awake merit badge. Boy Scouts, in order to differentiate the program in the market place, needs to be action and activity oriented, not more schooli

This is a huge topic, but I agree that a complete review is required. My bio, resume, or whatever it is, on my profile, many positions held for 5 to 15 years simultaneously, I have had extensive

One of the minor problems I have with this badge, which is the same issue I have with the disability badge, is the requirement to find and talk with someone who is disabled or, in this case, different

Anyone attending this in GNYC??

This merit badge counselor training will be required to offer the Citizenship in Society merit badge in the Greater New York Councils. Join us this Saturday, Oct 30th, 12-4 pm at our Council headquarters.  Space is limited, registration is required.   If you are not able to attend, future training will be offered. This merit badge will be launched on Nov 1, 2021, and we need your help in helping our scouts earn this merit badge.  Citizenship in Society will be Eagle-required by July 1, 2022. To inquire for additional details, please reach out to the GNYC DEIB Committee Chair Antonio del Rosario at teamantoniodelrosario@gmail.com.


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Quick look comparing the Jan 21 "final" requirements and these

Terms Bigotry, Intersectionality, Section in welcoming environment that lists gender identity, sexual orientation  - GONE

Choose organization that promotes positive change such as WOSM - GONE

Public presentation on community efforts - GONE

Attend an event - GONE

Create a Pledge - GONE - how you will act if you witness bigotry or hate

Discuss careers


MB can probably be done sitting around a campfire.



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1 hour ago, Dixit said:

A good bit of "document and discuss" "research" "consider".  Very much a classroom exercise

Requirement 6 will be interesting: Interesting it could be a Scout

With your parent’s or guardian’s approval, connect with another Scout or youth your own age who has an identity that’s different from yours. (This means a trait, belief, or characteristic different from you.)

Requirement 7 could be also interesting.  The historical figure will be the path many will choose

Identify and interview an individual in your community, school, and/or Scouting who has had a significant positive impact in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you feel your community, school, or local Scouting group does not have such an individual, then research a historical figure who meets these criteria,and discuss that person with your counselor

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