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We want to get our troop trailer repainted. We found someone who will do it for a great price. Only issue is he wants to put a small thing like "painted by Joe's body shop" on the corner of the trailer. I don't have a problem but someone thought there my be issue with BSA policy. If there is someone let me know.


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GO for it! so long as it is good taste..why not?But let the pros do it...

We 1. found a friend to Donate a good used trailer then 2. found a good guy to professionally letter the sides...

all for "free"...or 'for the good of scouting'...

and yes both benefactors are acknowledged in small print on the bottom edge of the trailer...nothing but complements from everyone who has seen it! Good luck...keep the tire pressure up, spare and jack handy and keep the wheel bearings greased!

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