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I finally got all of the awesome pictures from our Troop’strip to MOHAB(Montana High Adventure Base) sorted and wanted to share a few ofthem with everyone. This is our Troop’s second trek at MOHAB we went backpackingtwo years ago and loved it so much we went back this year with an even largercrew for packrafting. TheTheodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch is my favorite base camp of any HighAdventure camp I have attended.  Thestaff was wonderful from the guides who spent a day and a half making sure ourcrew was prepared for the trial to the cook who prepared home-cooked meals forevery meal.  The base camp had plenty todo from cornhole, horseshoes, sitting on the deck enjoying the view to using spotting scopes to try to view elk in the mountains. Even though we didn't hit any monster peaks the hiking was challenging partly due to the extra 15lb of packrafting gear and the trails are very minimalistic and I don't think there is a switchback in the entire Bob Marshall.  We had a difficult hike to an alpine lake after a day on the water but climbing over all of the deadfalls was worth the views of the very picturesque, Castle Lake.  The packrafting was the main draw for much of our crew and it didn't disappoint. There was a learning curve with many in our crew taking an impromptu bath during the week but by the end, we were all pretty comfortable on the water from passing along hand signs of danger to properly navigating a wall. If your troop is looking for an adventure that is a little out of the ordinary and away from the crowds of the big 3 adventure bases MOHAB is the place for your scouts.  The first question asked from our scouts when we had a slideshow of our trek was "when are we going next?".


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