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What do we have in common? Why should we share voices?

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I'll admit that the title of this thread leads one to think it should be two topics, but I've combined it into one because I think they're related. Please feel free to spin off (as if you don't already) if you'd like.


I find these things in common among the posters:


1) We all have an interest in Scouting. Positive or negative, we all have an interest in Scouting.

2) We all have some degree of computer knowledge.

3) We're all alive, breathing and have feelings.

4) We're all good at something in Scouting

5) We can all contribute something to the discussion.


I find these things are why we are here:


#1-5 above

2) We'd like some fellowship

3) We'd like other's input

4) It fills the time . . . reading and writing

5) We're nuts ;)





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Nuts? Yep, definitely :)


As to being good at something in Scouting, I'd revise that--for me--to trying to learn to be good at something in Scouting. That's what brought me here, led me to training, had me hit the books--a desire and the desperation to figure out what the heck I'm doing.

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Maybe the "squirrel" is our local Scout Executive who keeps all his nuts organized.


Interesting that the nut thing should come up since the troop I serve is in the middle of a fund-raising campaign which involves the selling of...

Yep, you guessed it--NUTS. Almost 50 different varieties and combinations.


I know my wife thinks I'm nuts when I spend up to two hours at a time talking to Scouting friends on the phone.

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