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Hello from Virginia

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I was a scout and now a scouter (Den Leader and ASM) for about 7 years. Recently completed my OA ordeal with my son and we both went to our first OA Fellowship recently. I'm looking to learn from some who have gone before me and provide information where I can. Also interested in access to the OA section of the site if anyone can fill me in on how to get a password.

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Welcome, fellow Virginia Arrowman!

My own ordeal was 25+ years ago, so I've long forgotten the answers to the riddles posed by those password prompts.  I did pick up a copy of the OA handbook at the scout shop last time I was there - and I think what we are looking for is available in that book.

Or I could just stoop to asking my son - nah... can't give him that satisfaction. 😛

Thanks for your service to scouting... if you're in the same part of VA as I am, perhaps our paths will cross. :)


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