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Backpacking in Inyo National Forest

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I went with a Skurka Adventures group for a 5 day mostly off trail backpacking trip in Inyo National Forest. It was touch and go as smoke from a fire over 100 miles away threatened the trip, but we only had a little smoke parts of 2 days.

We climbed a glacier, slid on our butts down a permanent snow field and had a great time. Some of this trip was beyond what would be appropriate for scouts. It was an amazing time and very physically challenging.


IMG_20210926_061533_036 (2).jpg

IMG_20210926_061532_816 (2).jpg

IMG_20210926_061532_784 (2).jpg

IMG_20210926_061532_895 (2).jpg

IMG_20210926_061533_015 (2).jpg




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5 minutes ago, SSScout said:

Was it a GOOD adventure? 


Hahaha. It was a good adventure. Skurka is the king of backpacking and he gets the best guides. They also teach proper lightweight backpacking. I sometimes see scouters who look like they're on some month-long expidition or have a Dutch oven in their packs. 

It certainly pushed my limits, but never worried I was going to die. Such a beautiful place. 

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On 10/6/2021 at 3:45 PM, UKScouterInCA said:

Whereabouts in Inyo NF were you? We want specifics.  Looks awesome (looks like it was a GREAT Adventure)

Sorry I missed your question. We started on the High Trail trailhead near the Mammoth ski resort. Then we went off trail. I've been asked not to share specifics of the trek as it's part of why you pay Skurka for the trip.

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