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"My Eagle Scout Medal Is Worthless"

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That ia a wonderful poem well worded and thought out. I will use it to modivate future Scoute in our area.


I must also say that I owe everything that I did no scouting to my Mother and Father. My Father Pushed and Pushed and Pushed me until I got my Eagle. I owe it to them for sacrificing so my brother and I could attend camps and OA fuctions all over the country.


I also agree with the last post about giving back to scouting. I recieved my eagle in 1983 seems like a eternity ago. I got in The Order of DeMolay shortly after and fell in love with DeMolay recieved every honor could and stayed active til my 7 yr old son came home and said DAD I want to join Cub Scouts. I could not wait til we went on our first campout together. I am now Pushing my son as did my Father did. I lost my Father in 1997 to MD.


I am also active in our troop as well as being a Asst. Den Leader for the Pack.


All I can say is Keep on Scouting.




Eagle Scout 1983

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Wonderful poem! It truly brings a good unselfish message to the honor of being an eagle.


I think that the 5th and 9th points sum up the whole idea of the Eagle Scout.


The Eagle medal would be worthless without those who helped you because even the mighty Eagle needed a parent to feed it, to protect it, to teach it to fly; without such help, the eagle would never have the freedom, dominion, or the honor as it does as it soars throughout the skies, above the mountaintops.


He who has climbed to the peak of the mountain to reach the realm of the Eagles did it not for the other Eagles amongst which he now lives, but for the people at the bottom of the mountain whose spirits urged him along this lofty journey. And now, it is up to that particular Eagle to feed, to protect, and to teach others, as was once done unto him.

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