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Statement by the United Methodist Church

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In an email I received today from the state Methodist conference it includes a notation that the UMC/BSA Affiliation and Facility Use agreements have been finalized as of December 15th. Final versions to be used going forward are on the methodistscouter.org website. I've read these several times and perhaps I missed it but I was struck by the high cap of $7.5 million per incident/$23 million total for general liability claims. 

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I'm the current Board of Trustees Chair for a UMC congregation that chartered a Troop for 101 years.  We also chartered a Cub Scout Pack and a Girl's Troop.  In the past, I served as Scoutmaster for t

The desire to be a CO is still there, but there are some issues that need to be addressed.  As a CO, you have been told for years that you are covered under an insurance policy only to find out you we

I've been lurking for a number of months on Scouter.com.  I finally took the plunge and registered. Understaffed LCs can't support the administrative requirements associated with an LC-sponsored

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4 hours ago, PACAN said:

I was just wondering 

how many are still meeting at their old UMC churches  (FUA)

how many were able to find new sponsors

how many are sponsored by their council 

how many unfortunately folded

We moved two troops and a pack to a local American Legion Post,  New COR is an Eagle from the Troop.  Aside from getting the right people to sign the right place and get all the paper work straight x 3 it was a pretty seamless endeavor.  We own our meeting place, so the facilities use agreement with the Methodist Church is to use their sanctuary for COH a couple of times a year and they have a big gym with a kitchen we use sometimes.

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"We own our meeting place, "

Not sure how that's works as the troop can own nothing as it a fully owned part of it charter partner.

I let some of the real lawyers here explain how that would be possible as the troop is not is own personality. all property belongs to the charter group or council if the group folds?

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I'm the current Board of Trustees Chair for a UMC congregation that chartered a Troop for 101 years.  We also chartered a Cub Scout Pack and a Girl's Troop.  In the past, I served as Scoutmaster for the Troop (among many other Unit, District, and Council positions) and my wife (a former Scout Office employee) acted as the COR for the church.  The Troops and Pack elected to execute an Affiliation Agreement with the church, with the Council acting as Chartering Organization.  The cutover process proved difficult due to the on-line Recharter web application's inability to process the new Affiliation Agreement cutover process.  Fortunately, one of my wife's superpowers is the ability to make heinously-designed web applications work.  Prior to the cutover, our church was one of the most conscientious COs you will find.  For the last 15 years or so, church members served as SM and/or ASM, with some youth from the church belonging to the units.  The Council, the new CO, is headquartered 100 miles away.  One of the BSA execs in Texas has been the acting SE for the Council for a couple of years, supported by an office employee who acts as registrar and administrative support for the Council.  The Council employs no DEs and is awaiting a shotgun marriage to an adjacent Council (or Councils).  There were only 2-3 UMC COs in the Council, so we don't have many peers.  Bottom line: the units traded a quality CO for the illusion of a CO.  Cool. 

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Interesting side note...

Gloversville, NY - Town stepped up to become Troop 7's new charter organization as the Foothills Methodist Church which had been CO for 60 years could no longer perform the duties.

“Basically, it’s (Troop 7) going to have to be completely redone from the ground up. Where it stands, they have three active Boy Scouts in it, and no troop committee, so we’re going to be starting-over new.”,  according to Town Clerk (and new COR) Jenni Mazur.  “We will be discussing giving them a meeting place within the city. This is going to be a combined thing where boys from Gloversville and Johnstown will be joining.” The city must pay a $75 annual fee and she and Mayor Vince DeSantis must undergo Boy Scouts of America certification training to serve on the newly reconstituted Boy Scout Troop 7 committee, which will consist of seven members.

More at source:


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