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This didn't make it into the Trail's End advertising campaign

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On 5/15/2022 at 10:37 PM, Wlau said:

Candy + Meat Sticks >>>>> (overpriced) popcorn. 

There ya go....  Marketing vs "A Scout is Thrifty"?   

May I observe that the reason for POPCORN is two fold.   An alternative to (shudder) GSUSA Cookies, and a guaranteed share for Council.

I dare say, very few Packs/Troops/Crews/Ships  send any share of their proceeds from car washes, mulch sales, Holiday Decor/Tree sales, meatsticks, breakfasts/dinners,  etc. etc., to Council.  

Does GSUSA  approve/suggest Scout Accounts, those pseudo commission for unit fun(d)raising ? 

Back when I was my Eagle Patrol Treasurer (Scouts paid dues to me, we used it to buy our gear and supplies for campouts),  the Troop sold donuts door to door, Christmas trees and  helped with our CO's dinners for a share.  There was on such thing as a "SCOUT ACCOUNT". It all went to the Troop to pay for awards and camp fees.... Another story.... 

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