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I have been working diligently on a webpage for my troop. Well, myself and the plc.


We are just about done but have a couple of questions...


Is there anything that needs to be on the site?


What is the general opinion on the appearance of the site?


We are wanting to put information that requires a password on it but I can't figure out how to do this, any suggestions...


Heres the site





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Hey Neighbor. I'm across the river, also in LHC. I know some of the names in your troop. Were you at this year's Woodbadge?


It looks pretty good. I'm not a fan of frame-based design. You've got some nesting going on when you click on the "Home" link.


Some may question whether it's a good idea to list your Eagle's full names. I'm sure some of them are under 18. This is generally not recommended. Make sure you have releases signed by parents to use photos, for when you get the photo album going.

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I took a look too and would make the same recommendations about full names and photo permission. Overall, it's a nice site--well done.


I'm not sure how to password protect a site, but maybe someone else can guide you. Is Hops around??


The nesting. I have a frames site, and just in case you don't know how to link to a page so that it doesn't nest, here's how:


type target=_new after the closing quote of the url you are linking to


Hope this helps.(This message has been edited by Laurie)

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Yes, I'm around;)


Its great to know that people actually ask for my advice for web development though I'm just an amatour;)


I do not know how to set up a passworded section, but I will tell you this: There's always MSN and Yahoo groups you could use.

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Good, clean, serviceable site! I too would steer away from using frames... and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission says you need to have an Internet Privacy Policy published to comply with the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. For what its worth, this is ours: http://www.scoutsonline.com/pack33/privacydisclaimer.htm.(This message has been edited by KonaScout)

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