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Does Moab High Adventure Base still exist?

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I've been researching regional High Adventure Bases and found this page: https://tap.scouting.org/council-operated-high-adventure-bases/

The Moab High Adventure Base (formerly called Entrada High Adventure Base) caught my eye. However the links to it are broken and I can;'t find it mentioned on the Utah council website (https://www.utahscouts.org/)


I'm guessing that doesn't bode well, but does anyone here know if it still exists? Sounds like it could make for a fun summer excursion.


Or does anyone have recommendations for other (Western US) High Adventure bases? I've also been thinking about MOHAB in Montana and the Salmon River High Adventure Base in Idaho.


We had Scouts do the Rugged program at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island this summer which they loved. Well recommended.

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I vaguely remember something about that scout camp. Never stayed there. We just brought our gear, bikes and food, stayed at the campground on the edge of town, and did a lot of mtn biking. It was a cheap, simple and fun trip.

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