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Part-time Council Community Executives

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Reading this article about a new SE/CEO, I noted the designation, which was new to me, "Community Executives" for part-time council employees? New name for District Executives?

As Scout executive/CEO, Stephen Williams’ duties include recruiting Scouts, fundraising and more administrative responsibilities.

“A day-to-day in the life of a typical Scout executive is, as I understand it, to be a conduit of progress in the community by serving families through staff and volunteers, cultivating relationships in the community and balancing the budget,” he said, “and ensuring that we have strong programs and delivering the Scouting promise to all the young people that want to participate in Scouting.”

“I always want to leave a place better than I found it, and there are a lot of challenges that Scouting is facing in this area — most of it is geography versus available manpower,” he said.

Williams said his hiring made him the fourth employee at Cimarron Council BSA, saying trying to manage the 19 counties the council serves is “impossible.”

“We need to do a better job at increasing our financial sustainability so that I can grow staff and Scouting and improve our program facilities,” Williams said.

To do that, Williams said the first thing he needs to do is employ part-time individuals, called community executives, to make sure Scouting is delivered to outlying areas.

Community executives’ focuses would be to grow Scouting and the financial/fundraising aspect of their respective areas, Williams said.

Williams also plans to cultivate a “bigger, stronger board” and create new positions including a camp ranger/program director, and he hopes to recruit more volunteers for the BSA.

“That’s key to our success — to multiply our efforts through creating more volunteers,” he said. “There’s never too many volunteers involved.”

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