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Scout "Chaperone" Places Cameras

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And so, what is camp staff liability for failure to find the cameras?

Will camps have to swap out (apparently) clear or translucent hand towel dispensers with opaque or metal ones? Will that even solve the problem if those can be tampered with in some fashion?

Does looking for hidden cameras become a new NCAP standard?  Do NCAP teams get trained on this now? And what of the liability of the NCAP assessment team that fails to find them?

A number of adults and youth had their privacy violated.

And there's the bad press to handle.

And a camp that is reported to be one of the largest in the country serving 6,000 scouts now has its reputation besmirched, perhaps adversely affecting attendance. Like BSA needs more problems.

Fortunately, he did get caught.

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What I would really like to know is how he was able to get into this position. As Texan asked, was he a registered leader?  Had he been vetted or checked in anyway?  Completed the YP training, etc.  I trust that the legal system will take care of this guy, and I hope that National would put every effort to be aggressive in ensuring that the maximum penalties are pursued -  if only to show that they are serious about youth protection. 

But I also really want to know where the system failed.  The first line of failure here has to be how he was able to get into this position to participate in the camp.  Was it at the camp level or at the troop level? 

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