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Methodist Church telling Churches to Not "Recharter" Scout Units

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As far as the "Scout" name, does any of it really matter? I know BSA, and maybe even GSUSA, would like to trademark "Scout" but that is like trying to trademark "Runner" or "Tracker" or "Hunter".  It's just something people do. You've got Army Scouts, Sports Scouts, etc. that are actual jobs that also use the Scout name. 

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Ours has already informed us that we will move to the facilities model.  Other than that, they assure us that they still consider us part of their ministry, just under a different format.  Since we ha

If a UMC is switching to a Facilities Use Agreement only relationship, then the unit will need a new Chartering Organization, such as a VFW or your Local Council.

I have been hearing of councils that don't want to serve as the chartering org as well. That's something for BSA to resolve though in its reorg plan I would think. 

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1 hour ago, mrjohns2 said:

No, for the first year or 2, Low called them Girl Guides and then CHANGED to GSUSA. We have the official GSUSA sanctioned history. 

So she did change the name from Guides to Scouts? Just confirms that she was piggybacking on Boy Scouts with the name change.

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I had a chance to find a Library of Congress article on it that I read as well.

A patent for girls’ empowerment | USPTO

"Early in 1912, Baden-Powell and Low crossed the Atlantic—Baden-Powell to integrate British and American scouting under one transatlantic organization, Low to start the first Girl Guides group in the United States. At Low’s instigation, the first U.S. Girl Guides induction ceremony took place in Savannah almost immediately.  ... So trusting was Baden-Powell of her judgment that he even allowed Low to re-designate her “Guides” as “Scouts” in 1913. To reinforce the connection with Baden-Powell’s Boy Scouts, Low had the Girl Scouts’ uniforms switched from blue to khaki."

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