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Real Scouting. It can be done, and the kids love it an learn the true Scouting experience.

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Here again, from Troop 111 in Ventura, California is an apex of Scouting.  Thanks to Craig Carey, ASM and his dedicated parents, and thoroughly enthusiastic Scouts.  Locally, Scouting is showing its best face, and other units are sharing at times.  This is what dedicated leaders can make happen with patience and imagination.  And it is not just the trail work, exceptional at any level for novices, but also many other areas of service in our area.  Take a look.  Many of you reading this might find it a possible option for your own area with a little searching.  https://issuu.com/ojaivisitorsguide/docs/ojai_magazine_summer_2021/s/12852782?fbclid=IwAR2ezx1925qPBtzaGeywXcE7N6Wabra4QsWDvraCoP4arf9i-XNE2_sCWec

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