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Scoutbook not uploading troopmaster adv. file

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I am trying to upload our advancement from summer camp from Troopmaster to Scoutbook.  It has been "toggling" since last night.  Its because of one scout's bsa id was incorrect in scoutbook however I corrected the error, corrected it in Troopmaster, closed all the files and tried to upload again and it won't import the export file from Troopmaster.  Called troopmaster they were absolutely no help.   Just wondering if there is a time factor to upload a big file??  There is no purchase order so I just downloaded Recognition Report.  Here are screen pictures.  




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Have you ever done this before successfully? 

When we upload from Troopmaster, we upload to Council's Internet Advancement 2.0.  A day or two later everything shows up in Scoutbook.  I didn't think you could go directly from Troopmaster to Scoutbook.

If you've done this before, and it just doesn't seem to  be working this time, I would try taking that scout out completely and see if it will upload.

If it just seems like Scoutbook is hanging up because of size, I would try a few scouts at a time.

Good luck!

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We went Troopmaster to Internet Advancement which then went to Scoutbook.  But our Troopmaster is not interfacing with Internet Advancement 2.0

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