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Guide to Advancement 2021 released

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GTA 2021 is on scouting.org.   They no longer have a section with what has changed so in my quick look:


Para   removed the reference to the old Requirements books. Says the first place to check for the current requirements list is the web, not the Handbook or Merit badge Pamphlet.  (No need for MBPs or Handbooks any longer)

Registration should be done online.   BSA ID numbers are not unique to councils anymore. (Good) The Process of Counseling

Acknowledgment that while in person activities are preferred they are not required; (so do all the virtual MBs you want ) and  counselors now have an obligation to ask the Scout if they have met with their unit leader first. (yeah right) Purpose and Timeliness of Boards of Review… Any advancement errors discovered after a board of review must not be held against a Scout in considering any future advancement, even if requirements were not properly completed. (Scouts have no accountability to know the rules - Blame the adults is the way to go) Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond the 18th Birthday. An Eagle Scout board of review may occur, without special approval, within three up to 24 months after a Scout’s 18th birthday.  (24 months!!   That will make the average age of an Eagle surpass 18 years old since the age is calculated from EBOR date to birthday.) Time Extensions...3 tests to consider.  Council can approve now

#1 Interesting that they now allow that a Scout can have “refocused on advancement” as a criteria. So that Scout who remained active in the Troop the whole time but took 5 years to get from Tenderfoot to Second Class would be eligible for consideration for an extension now since there is not enough time to get the 16 months from 1st to Eagle.

#2 A circumstance came Through no fault or choice of the Scout, an unforeseen circumstance or life-changing event

#3  Misinformation from adults in positions of authority.   )E.g.  blame the adults...no accountability or responsibility by the scout is expected or required) National always took the approach that an extension should not be granted until proven otherwise; now, the standard is reversed, and councils should plan to grant the extension until proven otherwise.  (Verbage used to say that the scout has a BSA handbook and is expected to read it..this is eliminated)


There is lots of other changes some just reordered or swapping sentences around but I found these to be the most interesting


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