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Den Numbers Patch - Den Chief?

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Is it acceptable for a Den Chief to wear a Den Number Patch corresponding to their Den's while they are helping that den? I have seen adults wear the Den Number Patches so what about Den Chiefs? 


If you know anything then Please Let me know. 

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I actually would recommend against it. First and foremost, it states as much in the Guide to Awards and Insignia (which one would think would be enough to settle the discussion here and now, though some people would rather be permissive than be correct). Anyway, Den chiefs' places in their respective dens are symbolized by their den chief cords; the Wolf and Bear chiefs wear blue and gold cords, while the Webelos cords add a red braid. That should be enough of an identifier for them, though some Scouts (and leaders) have to be taught the concept of "less is more." :rolleyes:

The reasoning behind it is thus: The den number patches are specifically Cub Scout uniform insignia, which implies that it is to be worn only by Cub Scouts and their leaders. Now, here is where you ask, are not Den Chiefs also Cub Scout leaders, and thus entitled to wear den numbers as well? And the answer is: no! Den Chiefs are not actually members of the pack, but rather, members of their Scouts BSA troop, who serve as 'honorary' members of the pack without actually belonging to it. This is why theirs is the only position in all of Scouting to wear cords of any kind over the shoulder; those cords are a fitting representation of the their ties to the Cub Scouting program, in whose circles they play a crucial and beloved role even while pursuing their own adventures in the Scouts BSA program (or the Venturing program if such is the case).

Being exempt from wearing the den number patches is in no way a matter of their being 'excluded' from the den; for all intents and purposes, they are just as much a part of their den as its Scouts and leaders. But this doesn't change the fact that they are still serving us from a separate and different program, and they wear the uniform of that program - and that program has its own uniform rules and protocols. Simply put, members of Scouts BSA don't wear Cub Scout insignia. So, clearly, there is no reason for a den chief to wear a den number patch -their position is indicated by the Den Chief patch, and their relationship with the pack and their den by those cords. No other role in Scouting crosses over two different programs, so it is certainly a singular opportunity and an honor to wear those cords.

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