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First, I would like to say that in my experience Wood Badge and Sea Badge are worth attending and are both rewarding and fun.  To validate this point, I have attended 3 Wood Badge courses as a participant: one was "the old course" in 1982; the next was "WB for the 21st Century"; and the third was a course provided by the National Council.  They were all very different and they were all great.  I've also helped with several courses, and attended Sea Badge. In each case ther were those who really agonized over their Ticket or Logbook.  I would suggest to all that you keep your goals simple and fun.  Look at things that you enjoy doing and meet a specific need.  Big projects are great, but only if YOU would enjoy it, and usually involve others.  Smaller items can be completed relatively guickly, and usually only depend on yourself.  Most importantly, have fun doing it. People used to say "it's all for the boy" and my response to that is "bolderdash", because if the grown folk aren't having fun and are miserable,  the kids won't have fun and will be miserable,  too.  

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I put a lot of thinking into my ticket before WB. Some said don’t, I said why not. I was open to change and actually had 7 ideas. Based on more thought and the course, I winnowed it down to 5. I choose 5 things I wanted to have or do, but hadn’t had the time to do them due to priorities. They then became my priorities. Most I wanted, but would have never done. So, a detailed orienteering map and course at a council camp - I would have never made it had it not been required. Who required it? Me. I felt great doing them as each was a “it would be great if we had X”. So, I did X5. 

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